About Us

A patient- centered company big on ideas to bring cutting edge health products to market and even bigger on ethical standards to always keep patients first. We do this while respecting environment and animals. Our belief and high ethical standards are evident in our products, our dealings with people inside and outside the company and everything we do.

A privately held corporation that brings forth the knowledge of health care practitioners like physicians and pharmacists and expert sales and marketing professionals to stay competitive and relevant and add to the value and health of our patients.


Promote physical, mental and spiritual health.


A premium organization providing solutions that aid to the health and lifestyle.


Operate with highest ethical standards putting patient benefit first and sustain it by generating healthy profits for stakeholders.


Create win- win for patients and stakeholders. 


Our logo depicts the undercurrent of waves that shape our lives. This undercurrent is the subversive reflection of our progressive nature and subtle flow of thoughts that makes us what we are. Very artistically and smoothly, this undercurrent takes the shape of a tender leaf that denotes the fertile nature of our mind and critical role that nature plays in our life. This inherent relationship of our mind and nature propels us to take actions that are ethical and conducive to the well- being of living beings.

All small letters in our logo signify that bigger and greater we are, humble we become. This is our endeavour at “ethical remedies” to always remain humble and respectful to the preferences of the patients and requirements of the regulatory bodies.

Blue colour in logo signifies our core values of being trustworthy, reliable and committed to our patients and stakeholders.

White colour in the background projects purity and sanctity in all our thoughts and actions.

Let the partnership begin…

ethical practices…healthy outcomes