Barbara: A Home maker, a Care giver. She gets most fulfillment when she can make a difference for someone else. She is compassionate, nurturing, and dedicated, and enjoys demonstrating her supportiveness. She gets excited and challenged by responding to needs. It's her caring attitude that propels her to take EBMfer everyday that provides extra energy that is required throughout her pregnancy as he is low in iron.


Tony: A child who is fussy about taking any medicine, loves the taste of raspberry flavoured EBMfer Liquid and happily takes it everyday


Tina: A Receptionist, a Ruler. She seeks to prevent chaos by taking control. She is motivated by the desire for safety and security. She is a lover of policies and procedures and is drawn to things that are substantial and high quality. As she works from home and believes in taking charge of the situation, she prefers ordering most of her needs including animal free EBMfer iron using her mobile phone while drinking coffee over our website that offers her rich customer experience and quick ordering.


Cathy: A senior, has difficulty swallowing and prefers a great tasting Liquid iron with vitamin C advantage that can be mixed with her food


Mirium: An IT professional, a Traditionalist. She is an optimist who can only see the good in people and life. She seeks harmony and enjoys simple things like stopping to smell the roses and smile at strangers. She is pure at heart and in action. She follows her beliefs and values and that makes her choose only Halal, Kosher or gelatin-free products and that's why she inclines towards animal free vegan EBMfer iron


Felicity: Vegan by lifestyle, she gets most fulfillment by finding the answers to great questions and problems that need to be better understood. She is naturally intelligent, knowledgeable, reflective, and motivate others to seek the truth. EBMfer is her obvious choice due to its vegan and gelatin free formula that is also dye free, gluten free, dairy free, lactose free and sugar free.