EBMfer Capsules FAQs

What EBMfer is used for?

EBMfer is an iron supplement helps in prevention and treatment of iron deficiency anemia.


How do I know if EBMfer is approved by Health Canada?

As per Health Canada, to be licensed in Canada, natural health products must be safe, effective, of high quality and carry detailed label information to let people make safe and informed choices. EBMfer iron supplement is Health Canada approved hence, assigned a Natural Product Number (NPN) 80042242.


What is EBMfer?

EBMfer is an oral iron supplement with vitamin C providing 100mg elemental iron from Ferrous Ascorbate.


What are the advantages of EBMfer? Why should I choose EBMfer over other iron supplements?

The main advantages or the reasons you should choose EBMfer for are:

· EBMfer is approved for PREVENTION AND TREATMENT of iron deficiency anemia (IDA)

· EBMfer is iron supplement with vitamin C so so you do not have to take orange juice or vitamin C separately to aid iron absorption, making it an high absorption iron supplement

· EBMfer is generally gentle on stomach

· Cost effective, one capsule daily with food- offers good patient compliance

· EBMfer is approved by Health Canada for use during pregnancy too

· Suitable for vegetarians and vegans

· EBMfer does not contain animal product, dairy, sugar, gelatin, lactose, gluten or common allergens


Does EBMfer contain any animal product or gelatin?

No. EBMfer is free from gelatin and animal products making it suitable for people who are looking for plant-based or vegetarian or vegan iron supplements.


How EBMfer should be taken? Is vitamin C or orange juice required with it?

You take EBMfer capsule by mouth with food. Some other iron supplements are recommended to be taken with orange juice to increase their absorption but as EBMfer is Ascorbate form of iron, you do not need to take it with orange juice or vitamin C. You can simply take it with a glass of water. This benefit may offer good patient compliance as sometimes orange juice or vitamin C may not be available or patient may not like orange juice.


What is the dose of EBMfer?

Usual dose is one capsule once daily with food.

Can pregnant women take EBMfer?

Yes, EBMfer has been approved by Health Canada for use in adults including pregnancy too making it a suitable prenatal iron supplement.


Can I take EBMfer more than once a day?

The usual dose of EBMfer is once a day with food. In any case, if your doctor recommends EBMfer more than once daily or any other way, follow your doctor’s recommendation.


How is constipation or other stomach related side effects with EBMfer?

EBMfer is well tolerated and generally gentle on stomach. However, just like any other iron supplement, EBMfer may cause some stomach related side effects and these side effects should disappear when you continue taking the medication. Taking EBMfer with food further reduces the incidence of stomach related side effects. Talk to your healthcare provider if side effects are bothersome and you cannot continue the medication.


How is EBMfer supplied?

EBMfer is available in a bottle of 30 capsules and 90 capsules. You could initially buy bottle of 30’s but eventually buy bottle of Value Pack 90’s to save money.


Is EBMfer covered by my insurance plan?

All oral iron supplements are non- prescription/ OTC products and very few insurance plans would pay for them. Call your insurance plan provider and ask about EBMfer if they would pay for it. Other option is to buy EBMfer first and then send-in the receipt to your insurance company to see if they would pay for it.


Why the name EBMfer?

EBM stands for Evidence Based Medicine and fer means iron. So, EBMfer stands for Evidence Based Iron Therapy. The name has been given because there are many clinical studies available on Ferrous Ascorbate based products establishing efficacy and safety of Ferrous Ascorbate in humans at 100 mg dose. Also, some people relate EBM to Easy Bowel Movement due to its good stomach tolerability. 


After taking EBMfer my stool gets black/ dark. Is there any issue with that?

No, it’s quite common after taking oral iron supplements.


Why is EBMfer a Natural Health Product?

As per Health Canada regulations, all oral iron supplements are now registered as Natural Heath Products and are no more assigned Drug Identification Number (DIN). Hence, like other oral iron supplements, EBMfer is considered a Natural Health Product and has been assigned Natural Product Number (NPN) 80042242


Polysaccharide Iron Complex preparations provide 150mg elemental iron as compared to EBMfer providing 100mg elemental iron. Are those better than EBMfer?

We are not aware of any study directly comparing ferrous ascorbate (EBMfer) with Polysaccharide Iron Complex. More elemental iron does not necessarily mean a better iron. EBMfer has iron with “built-in” vitamin C advantage and hence, iron absorption is enhanced without taking vitamin C or orange juice separately. EBMfer is free from animal product, dairy, sugar, gelatin, lactose, gluten or common allergens and suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Talk to your doctor about your condition to get the option that is right for you. Always follow your healthcare practitioner's recommendation.


How does EBMfer compare with heme- iron?

We are not aware of any study directly comparing ferrous ascorbate (EBMfer) with heme-iron. However, some apparent differences could be:

1. Heme-iron is sourced from an animal source (usually from the blood of cows and pigs) while EBMfer is ferrous ascorbate and NOT sourced from animals and hence, no cows and pigs were affected. Even people who love meat may not be interested in orally consuming a blood product or heme- iron.

2. Heme-iron usually contain much smaller amount of elemental iron (usually 11-12mg elemental iron) while EBMfer contains 100mg elemental iron from ferrous ascorbate.

3. Heme-iron is usually recommended up to 3 times daily that may pose patient compliance challenge. When taken 3 times a day, heme-iron could be much more expensive option. EBMfer is taken one daily.

5. EBMfer does not contain animal product, dairy, sugar, gelatin, lactose, gluten, or common allergens and hence, suitable for people with restricted diets, vegetarians and vegans too.

Talk to your doctor about your condition to get the option that is right for you. Always follow your healthcare practitioner's recommendation.


Can EBMfer capsule be opened if I cannot swallow?

Yes, you can and mix it with a small quantity of juice and drink with straw to avoid staining of the teeth. Alternatively, you can buy great tasting, raspberry flavoured EBMfer Liquid.


I find change in the colour of EBMfer capsules. Is there any issue with that?

EBMfer capsule shell is clear and has no dye/ colour so what you see is the colour of the powder/ fills inside. The colour of the powder inside may vary from off white to beige or gray due to variations in the sources of the raw materials and manufacturing conditions. Before releasing for sale, each batch is tested as per Health Canada standards to ensure that quality is not compromised. If you have any concern with any of our product, please call us at 1 855 200 6668 or email at info@ethicalremedies.com


How can we avoid staining of the teeth with iron supplements?

The staining of the teeth from iron supplements is common and may be avoided or minimized by brushing the teeth. Existing iron stains can usually be removed by brushing with baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) or hydrogen peroxide 3%.


What are the interactions with iron?

As EBMfer is recommended once a day and few hours before or after taking other medications, it should be possible to safely adjust the dosage schedules and thereby minimizing possible interaction in the GI tract.

Ascorbic acid, or vitamin C, strongly enhances iron absorption. It releases non-heme iron bound to inhibitors. The effect is strongest when vitamin C containing foods are eaten with foods containing high levels of inhibitors. For instance, a glass of orange juice can help minimize the effect of phytate in breakfast cereal and calcium in milk.


Inhibitors of iron absorption

Enhancers of iron absorption

Phytates: Whole grains e.g. rice, cereal bran, nuts, soybeans, nuts, seeds

Vitamin C/ ascorbic acid: fruits and veggies e.g. peppers, broccoli, grapefruit, supplements

Polyphenols e.g. tannins: lentils/ legumes, green leafy veggies like spinach, tea, coffee, cocoa, eggplant

Animal products: meat, seafood, fish, poultry

Calcium: dairy products e.g. milk, yogourt, cheese, calcium containing antacids

Citric acid

Oxalates: Chocolate, beet, rhubarb

Phosvitin: egg yolk

Medications: Tetracyclines, antacids, cholesterol lowering drugs called bile acid sequestrants e.g. cholestyramine and cholestipol, anti-ulcer medications like proton pump inhibitors e.g. omeprazole, lansoprazole, rabeprazole and H2 receptor blockers e.g. ranitidine and famotidine, thyroid medicine called levothyroxine, quinolone antibiotics like ciprofloxacin, Levodopa and methyldopa, Mycophenolate Mofetil (CellCept), Penicillamine, Bisphosphonates (Alendronate, etidronate)